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Goals and Motivation

Goals and motivation are closely linked together since without motivation you’ll never achieve those goals.  Motivation has become a multi-billion dollar business in this country, with people turning to spiritual leaders, workshops, and even professional motivators in order to find the incentive and energy to achieve their goals.  Motivation is the incentive that you need to strive towards those goals that you want to meet in your life.

If you are not motivated to do something then that means that you do not have something that you want to do.  If you are not motivated to go back to school, for instance, then that means that you do not want to get more education.  Many people gladly spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars persuading themselves to do things they know they should do.  Make sure that your goals are clear so that you use your motivation in positive ways.

Once you have figured out the major areas of your life, and your central purpose of what you want, motivation will fall automatically into place.  Picture each day the way you would like each section of your life to be.  This can help motivate you to take action. 

By visualizing each area of your life you push your mind to develop solutions to current problems and you allow your mind to develop the idea that such success is possible.  With daily visualization you can find the energy to improve all areas of your life since your mind will begin to accept that change is possible.  Many of us remain unmotivated to push for our goals, such as look for a new job, because we believe that doing so is too frightening.  We think that no matter how bad things are now at least we are used to our current way of life. 

Change, no matter how possibly pleasant, is a risk and is part of goal setting.  For many of us, that risk is too scary.  So we procrastinate and tell ourselves that change is impossible.  We talk ourselves into being unmotivated so that we do not have to face this risk.  This leads to goals that are set but never met.  Don’t fall into the trap of procrastination since this leads to apathy towards your goals that will hold you back for a long time.  You need to be clear about your goals, how to achieve them, and the work that it will take to achieve these goals.  Do what it takes to get motivated since this motivation will take you that much closer to your personal and professional goals.

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