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10 Tips for Hosting A Successful Open House

Open houses are regular events that happen whenever a house is being sold no matter who is doing the selling. However they expose you to potentially dangerous situations and irritations that you would not normally have to deal with. Whether it is regular garden maintenance, an end of tenancy or pre-sale clean or a complete garden tidy, fencing contractors can help you. If you want to ensure that your open house is a successful and safe one, here are some simple steps that you can take to help make it the best possible event that it can be.

1. Let the local police know when and where you are hosting an open house and for the length of time that it will last. Ask them to have a squad car drive by at least once during the open house just to be sure that everything is going okay.
2. Make sure that all of your neighbors know that you will be hosting the open house, and ask if they would keep an eye and ear open for anything that simply seems odd or out of place.
3. Make sure that your open house is properly advertised in as many formats as possible to make sure that you get the best response possible.
4. Place signs in and around your neighborhood so that potential visitors will know exactly how to get to your home; especially if you are living in a cul-de-sac type of area that may be difficult for buyers to locate.

5. Offer a reception area for people who arrive that offers refreshments and home instructions or information. That way you can take small tours with people while those who are waiting can still be occupied and not bored.

6. Place a stack of your business cards strategically all over the house because it just entices buyers to look you up later if they liked what they saw. Let them take as many as they may need.

7. When prospects begin to arrive, jot down their car descriptions, license numbers and physical descriptions just in case someone is not there to scope homes but up to no good.
8. When you show a home, always let the buyer walk ahead of you because it gives them the space that they need to make decisions and lets them feel more in control.
9. Don’t let your open house fall past the scheduled times for viewing or you could be there all night.

10. Make sure that you offer handouts and pricing information to all buyers when they are there. If you have passed a good inspection, then offer proof of this. It will ensure that you buyer doesn’t leave with dozens of unanswered questions.

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