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LifetoSuccess Update and a… Free Gift!

I would like to say to thank you to those who left the knid feedback about the “New” Facelift of LifetoSuccess.com. The way the site will work from this point forward is everyday there will be a new post on a specific subject. Most subjects will contain about 10 posts.

Those on the LifetoSuccess.com email mailling list will recieve and update about the post. You will get a little snipet about the post if you want to read more simply click on the link in the email and this will take you to the complete posting.

Occasionally, I will break in with a post on something that may have come up or if I have had a success insight that I want to share.

Also, I would like to make this site very dynamic… and that’s where you come in. If you have an area that you yould like to see discussed or you would like some clarification on a subject or if you would like to make a comment please leave a comment. I would like this to be a sounding board for success ideas and create a community focused on creating successful lives.

Your gift is attached in this post simply right click on the link for “The Science of Getting Rich” eBook. Once you download the book go to www.lifetosuccess.com/tsogr/ecourse1.html and sign up for the 17 part ecourse that will complement the book.

As always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark, www.lifetosuccess.com

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