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What Type of a Coach or Consultant Should You Be?

There are several types of coach you may decide to be.

You can take courses and get a certificate or license if you feel that that is necessary.

A professional coach helps a client become more successful in their business career. If you have experience in human resources or as an executive or manager, you might be able to see yourself as a professional coach.

A business coach helps a client develop their business. If you have experience in Small Business Administration, or in running a successful business, you may be able to impart these skills to your clients, and help them determine their goals and visions for their business.

A life coach helps a client determine what they want to do with their life and how they should go about doing it.

A life coach helps people realize their goals and follow their own plans to achieve success in personal or career goals.

Depending on your area or areas of expertise, you can become a consultant in anything you are an expert in.

• Advertising – many companies are using freelance designers and consultants to plan their advertising campaigns
• Accounting – every company, from the largest to the sole proprietorship needs someone to keep track of their accounts
• Auditing – companies often outsource their auditing even if they have an in house accounting firm, as a third party audit will lack bias
• Business consulting – if you are an expert at business entrepreneurship, you can help other business entrepreneurs start their fledgling businesses
• Computer consulting – from software to repairs, you can consult in almost every area of computers, as a trainer to an advisor or a repair technician
• Headhunter – executive headhunters help companies find and hire the perfect executive for various positions.
• Human Resources – this is a common position for start up companies to outsource, and if you have HR experience or excellent communication skills, this may work well for you.
• Marketing – marketing may be a particular strength of yours and you will be gaining a lot of experience in marketing while opening your own consulting business. If you are good at marketing, you can help other companies market their services as well.
• Landscaping and Gardening services – while this is not the type of consultancy many people think of, if you are good with plants and with design, you can use your marketing skills to create a lucrative niche for yourself
• Payroll services – many medium sized companies will outsource these tasks, as they would accounting or human resources departments
• Public Relations – many mid sized companies are not large enough to have a PR department, but still want to make sure the world knows they exist.
• Writer – many companies have newsletters, websites, and brochures. Combine your business sense with your ability to put words on paper to create a job for yourself that is flexible and fun.

You may decide to combine some of the above ideas, or have an idea of your own for what you want to do as a coach or consultant. Once you’ve decided what to do, you’re ready to get started. go to uniquehr.com if you need Human resources help.

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