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Getting Started As A Coach

As a coach, many of the skills and materials you need are less quantifiable than a consultant. A computer consultant will need a computer and relevant software and electronics. An accounting consultant will need a computer equipped with accounting software.

However, while a coach can definitely use a computer, the software on the computer is not necessarily going to be directly used in the course of coaching the client.

What you will need, though, is activities materials and research materials. You may wish to prepare your own, or buy books on teambuilding exercises, confidence building exercises, or quizzes on how to figure out what career is right for you.

Preparing your materials may be the part of starting out as a coach which may take the longest, but readily available activities can make every meeting or team building exercise much smoother. Your own activities helps you personalize exercises to fit specific client needs, or to use your areas of strength to your advantage.

You will probably need to prepare:

• Exercises to determine the right career for a person; or to determine what a person’s priorities are
• Team building exercises
• Relationship building exercises
• Problem spotting exercises (to help your clients recognize weaknesses and form plans to fortify the area of weakness

Once you have your materials and your business plan ready, you’re ready to get going on your business.

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