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Getting A Job As A Coach or Consultant

You may have decided at this point that while you still want to be a consultant or a coach, you do not want to run your own business doing so. Not all people who would make great coaches necessarily will make great small business owners. Or it may simply be impractical from a financial point of view for you to start a business.

Many consulting firms hire consultants, who they then send out into the world, sometimes in teams, to teach businesses how to use software or to show them how to run their businesses more efficiently. There are also coaching firms which send out coaches. Auditing companies often contract out auditors.

You can also get jobs through consulting agencies which act basically as temp agencies for consultants.

As a coach or a consultant, you can also try to get jobs just by sending your resume out to companies which may be looking to hire long term contractors. These firms may be large or small. You can also try to find a position doing internal consulting for large corporations.

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