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Vending Machine Business: Maintaining Your Machines

When you have your own vending machine business, you know that the hardest part is usually getting started.

You have to plan the business, buy the machines, buy the product, stock the machines and even find places to put the machines. Its hard work and you will feel very happy when you finally have your vending machines in place and being used by the public.

However, it doesn’t stop there. You aren’t finished with your work as an independent vending machine business owner. While you’d probably like to just sit back and watch as the money pours in, there are still responsibilities that need to be taken care of to keep your business going smoothly and being profitable.


But once you have your machines in place and your products stocked, you will need to maintain the machines. It is important that you check them for product, restock when needed, remove the money regularly and also keep a look out for malfunctions. You want your machines running in top shape so you get the maximum income from them.

You need to stay on top of your machines and be sure they are not malfunctioning. This is a leading cause of both loss of profit and damage or vandalism to the machines which results in you having to pay to have it repaired. You should also have a telephone number on the machine for people to report malfunctions. Jammed coin slots and other common problems can save you loss of profits when fixed right away.


You should have a plan and a set time for when you will restock the product in your machines. In time, you will learn when there are busier times and when your product runs out quicker, etc. These are key times to make sure you get product back in your machines. An empty machine means loss of profit for you.

Take the time that is needed to maintain your machines properly and you will see people continuing to use them, business owners continuing to allow you to keep your machines in their premises and more money coming into your pocket.

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