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Funding Your Vending Machine Business

Just like any other small business or start-up company, if you are looking to start an independent vending machine business, you need to know how to fund your business. You will need start up money, investments as well as cash flow to support yourself and your family while your business grows. If you have other employees working with you, you will need to be able to pay them.

You will have to spend money on training, on supplies, on the actual vending machines and the product inside and much more. It will cost you a vehicle and gas as well as time and effort to get around to find locations to place your vending machines. You might have to make long distance telephone calls, send mail and faxes and many other various expenses. You might have to apply for and pay for licenses and business licenses. So how do you plan to fund all of this for your business?


You will want to look into financing and leasing options as far as your machines and equipment. Some companies that manufacture vending machines will let you finance the cost of your machines and some will let you lease the machines. There is also less risk involved in leasing if it turns out the business is not for you.

Loans and Investors

Just like any other small business, you might be eligible for loans, grants and investors to help fund the costs of starting and running a business. Your first step to seeking this will be to create and write a great business plan. Then you will want to find out what grants and loans you might be eligible for and start applying. You can also talk to friends and family, neighbors, local businesses and more about possible investors to help your company.


There are many legal tax breaks for the self-employed, small business owner. You can look into these. There are also breaks for new and start-up companies and you can claim many items as business expenses. You should find out as much as you can about these options when beginning your business.

According to the Capstone, getting help with your funding can help your business start out on the right track from the get-go which helps you succeed in the long run. It’s never a good idea to start a new business financially in the hole.

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