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Vending Machine Business: Safety Of Your Vending Machines

When starting an independent vending machine business, you have to invest a lot of money, time and hard work into your machines so it makes sense that you would be concerned about the safety of your vending machines. You do not want to be robbed of your product or your money.

Are your machines safe to the people that use them? Modern vending machines have been tested for their safety and they typically do not cause any injury to anyone who uses them responsibly. The only times that people have been known to be injured by a vending machine was usually while trying to rob from it.

On some rare cases when the vending machine failed to operate properly (steals someone’s money, dispenses wrong product, etc.) people have been injured from venting their frustration on them. People have been crushed when machines tipped over on them and some people have had broken bones or injured fingers from trying to get sodas from machines or candy bars that were lodged in.

A large and fully loaded soda machine can weigh over 1,000 pounds and while they are built to not tip over easily, if someone does manage to get them knocked over, they can be very dangerous. Part of your responsibility will be to keep a close check on your machines for malfunctions. You might also want to include a number on the machine that people can call to report malfunctions since this is what leads to many people getting upset with the machines and thus resulting in injuries to the consumer.


Vending machine technology has come a long way as far as preventing theft from vending machines. They are made to make it hard if not impossible to get the product out without paying for it. They are built durable and not easily broken or tipped over or even damaged by bad weather.

There are also alarms and other anti-theft devices that can be installed on the vending machine to help deter theft and vandalism and keep your machines safe and functioning properly. Taking the time to consider safety options for your machines and for your consumers will make your business more successful.

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