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Frequent Flyer Miles: Your Customer Status

Are you enrolled into frequent flyer miles programs? There are a number of these programs out there and many of them can provide you with some great rewards for using their programs. Each and every airline offers something different if they offer a frequent flyer program, though. This does make it a bit confusing but only if you do not take the time necessary to read through and understand these differences. One such difference is that of your customer status.

Customer Status?

Many frequent flyer programs offer what is called a customer status. This allows for them to distinguish you from other flyers in the program. Why do you need to have this status or pay attention to it? The customer status is yet another benefit or bonus to the frequent flyer miles program. You see, the more miles that you fly with the company the more benefits you get. Like the frequent flyer program itself, this is used to help keep you loyal and also offers a few nice rewards along the way.

What Rewards?

Each program offers a variation of the program but you will find that some of the rewards include such privileges as having access to business as well as some of the first class lounges at your airport, access to various other airlines lounges and even the ability to get upgrades or discounts to your ticket. In addition to this, you may be able to take advantage of such programs such as doubling or tripling your frequent flyer miles. You may be able to reserve the unoccupied seat next to you, get priority seating and flying standby, get out of being at risk of being bumped if your flight happens to end up overbooked and even the ability to specify where you want to sit on the plane.

These rewards are many and they come from being a loyal customer and racking up those miles. If you are trying to determine if they are something that you should strive for, take into consideration how much those rewards mean to you. If you really want to earn those miles, then by all means look for a frequent flyer program that is offering them. You’ll benefit in the end if you find that these benefits are right for you.

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