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Looking for Benefits in Frequent Flyer Miles

Frequent flyer miles allow for many advantages to those that are using them. The first thing that you need to do is to find the right frequent flyer program for your specific needs. Once you do that, you can then learn more about what the program offers and take full advantage of it. If you think that earning frequent flyer miles is the only benefit that you can have, think again. Those that work at earning quite a bit of miles within a short period of time really can find some great benefits with the airline they are in the frequent flyer program they are with.

What Features To Consider

If you are a business owner or you are flying quite a bit, take advantage of a frequent flyer program. There are many programs offering a wide range of different benefits for you to take into consideration. Some of these programs allow for a simple mile for mile reward that you can later cash in for some free travel (don’t count on a mile of earned flight time equaling a mile of free travel though!) Nevertheless, there are benefits out there.

If you are someone that flights quite a bit, you are sure to find some great benefits offered to you. Here are some.

• Earn enough frequent flyer miles and you will be able to get priority seating and reservations for future flights.
• You may be able to bump a regular passenger off of their flight if you need a spot on a sold out flight.
• You may be able to take advantage of airport benefits that are generally reserved only to those that are actually in first class such as lounges and even other airlines lounges.
• You may be able to pick your own seating needs, reserve the seat next to you and even upgrade your ticket without a charge.

These are some of the benefits that are offered to those that have elite customer status with a frequent flyer program. If this is you, then you should be looking forward to benefits. It is important to note, though, that all companies offer a bit of a different program so some of these benefits may or may not apply. In addition, you may find other benefits to your program. Finally, most of the airline’s frequent flyer programs do not provide for elite status of the customer unless the customer has flied a specific amount of miles per year or month. Those frequent flyer miles that are earned in other ways such as at participating hotels and car rentals or even credit cards with the airline do not count towards your elite status.

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