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What To Do With Frequent Flyer Miles

If you have taken some time to really get together all of the various frequent flyer miles that you have accumulated, you may be wondering just what you can do with these miles. Where will you go? What will you use them for? Do not think too long, though, as many times the miles can be limited or expiring after only a short period of time. Nevertheless, when it comes to redeeming your frequent flyer miles, you may just want to think about what your options are.

Understanding Options

The first thing that you need to do is to consider what your options are. Frequent flyer miles are often redeemable on specific conditions. To find out what they are, take a look at the information that has been provided to you by the airline when you enrolled into the program. If you have access to the website of your frequent flyer miles program, as some do, you can often find any limitations to using your frequent flyer miles there. Take the time necessary learn if you have any restrictions, what they are and how to work around them.

Next, determine what you need to have to gain anything. In some situations, you will need a fairly large amount of frequent flyer miles in order to gain any type of free travel. Unfortunately, the miles that you actually flew in distance are not necessarily the same as the miles that you will earn in free travel (you don’t get the same amount of miles for free, in other words.) Understand what your specific qualifications are. Some airlines limit the number of free reward flights that are reserved per flight. They may only allow 2 to so free tickets per flight. In addition to this, you may be limited the times of the day, the times of the week and even the locations that you can visit using your frequent flyer miles.

There are many ways that you can use your frequent flyer miles. Even though there may seem to be many, many restrictions and you may or may not want to fight that battle, you should. After all, you did earn those frequent flyer miles. If you do not have anything that you can do with them and are worried about them expiring, why not donate them? There are many charities, including those that will allow you to donate the miles to those in the army that need them that would love to take advantage of those miles.

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