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ADHD Treatments: Medication Treatments

ADHD treatments often include some form of treatment medication. There are several medications on the market that are used extensively to help children as well as adults who have been diagnosed with treatment. Many of these treatment options are subject to the individual’s reaction to them. Sometimes this means that you will have to try several before finding the right choice for your condition. Finding the right medication means that ADHD can be less of a problem for the individual and they can improve their day to day functions, especially at school or work.

Most medications for ADHD are stimulants. Many individuals do not understand this as many that suffer from ADHD are quite wound up and worked up. Yet, unlike those that would take a stimulant to give them more energy, the stimulants work in a different way for the person with ADHD. They work by stimulating the brain in a specific area to help them to gain benefits such as better attention spans, more control instead of impulse decisions and more focus in the tasks they need to accomplish. These medications work by helping the brain to have greater self regulation.

Here are some of the most common medications for ADHD treatments.

Methylphenidate: These are found in Ritalin, Metadate, Methylin and Focalin. These are usually taken three times per day after meals. There are others including Ritalin LA and Focalin XR that are long doses that will extend up to 12 hours.

Amphetamines: Here, you may find choices such as Dexedrine that is taken several times per day, Adderall which is both available in short and longer periods and others.

Other medications for ADHD treatment including Atomoxetine, Bupropion which is more well known as Wellbutrin, Benzphetamine which is much less powerful, Provigil which is a new choice, and Clonidine.

There is a lot of trial and error that goes into the determination of the right medication for an individual that suffers from ADHD. The best tool that can be provided to them is accurate diagnosis as well as diligence at taking the medications. When something is not correct with the medication, they should let their doctor know right then and there so that an alternative can be found. ADHD treatments with medication should also be helped with behavior and educational help as well. The combination can allow children and adults to find more answers to their questions and overall better results to their needs.

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