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The Bad Side of ADHD Treatments

Once a child is diagnosed with ADHD, treatment options will present themselves. Since there are more and more children being diagnosed each day with this condition, there is little doubt that there are going to be some times when the wrong treatment is presented to the child. It is essential that parents take a great deal of caution in dealing with these issues. The best way to do that is to insure that you are fully educated when it comes to ADHD as well as the medications that are provided to the individual. With education about the bad side of ADHD treatments, the right treatment can be beneficial without added problems.

Side Effects

One thing that needs to be considered is the fact that there are side effects to many of the medications that are used to treat ADHD. Most drugs will have some side effects, but some are much worse than others. In that case serious troubles may appear, causing both health problems and even lawsuits (source: Kombiglyze Lawsuit and Onglyza Claims Information | Drug Guardians) While your doctor will tell you the specific side effects for your particular medication, there are some that are more common in these medications. For example, some children have a loss of appetite while the medications are in their systems. Other symptoms that can be common include insomnia, nervousness, weight loss, problems with coming off the medications and mood swings. ADHD medication side effects offer a wide range of benefits and often these benefits can outweigh the side effects of the drug.

Getting Help

When you feel that the side effects of a treatment are troublesome talk to your doctor. He or she may recommend that the dosage of the medications be increased or lowered. Some medications affect some children different. There are several different types of medications that can be used to treat ADHD though. So if one medication is not working well or the side effects are troublesome, your doctor should be contacted as there are other solutions.

Parents of children that are newly diagnosed with ADHD should pay close attention to the medications that the child takes. Sometimes it can take several days for the medication to enter the blood stream enough to see a difference. Sometimes not enough medication is prescribed. In addition, parents should keep track of any drastic changes or anything that is bothersome or worrisome in their child. With this information they can work closely with their child’s doctors to find the most effective dose of medication. Include your child’s teachers in this process as well.

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