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ADHD Treatments: Is Your Child’s Diet A Factor?

There is growing concern about what children are eating and how it affects their lives and their health. Today, children with ADHD are being studies to determine if in fact their diets have something to do with their ADHD. The facts seem to offer that those children that are facing ADHD treatments are missing the boat. That is, while doctors are prescribing medications, there may be some help in providing help to these children through diet modifications. Although there is no way to know for sure what is causing your child’s ADHD, it is believed that some children face the symptoms of ADHD because of what they eat.

There are several things that are being considered. Research has shown that children that limit or monitor their intake of certain foods while insuring that the right nutrients are provided can find relief from ADHD without the harmful side effects of medications. Some doctors encourage their patients to work with monitoring diet as well as taking medications. In either case, there is more and more evidence that shows that what your child is consuming is not helping his ADHD.

Some of the most common theories that have shown at least some benefit to those children that have ADHD include the following:

• Limiting the amount of sugar in the child’s diet will help to reduce ADHD symptoms.
• Limiting the amount of refine carbohydrates can help this includes white breads and pastas.
• A diet that offers higher amounts of protein that is lean can be helpful.
• Removing foods that the child has even slight allergens or sensitivities to can b helpful. Here, there is a need for testing to insure that all have been removed from his diet.
• Removing all food additives from the diet.
• Insuring that the child does not have any heavy metal toxicity and removal of any possible toxins.
• Treatment for any type of bacteria or parasites that the child may have in his intestines.

With the combination of these factors, some researchers believe that the signs and the symptoms of ADHD will be gone. Although you should never stop giving your child is medications without first talking to your doctor, improving the quality of the foods that he eats can be effective at offering some treatment for his condition.

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