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Energy Conservation: Check Your Windows

In energy conservation, one of the most important things for you to consider in your home is your windows. In fact, in some cases, upwards of 35 to 60% of your energy loss comes directly from the windows in your home. If you have poor quality windows or you do not have the right seals around them, you are simply losing money. Since windows are something you do not want to give up, there are several ways that you can learn to improve them to get the most out of them.

Tips To Improvement

If you have very leaky or old windows, you must consider if it is time to consider replacing. Should you do so, consider Energy Star quality windows. These will save you the most money in the long run. High quality, double pane windows are necessary to keep the cold out and the heat in (or the other way around in the summer.)

Take a candle, light it and run it along the closed windows on a windy day. When you do this, you will see the flame flicker if there is a leak in the windows and the air is getting in. If this happens, take the time to properly seal the window to prevent energy loss through this crack.

Closely inspect both the outside and the inside of the window. If you find loose fittings, missing caulking or any broken panes, fix them as soon as possible. These are all leaking out your energy needs.

During the winter months to prevent energy loss, consider purchasing air tight window coverings. These are inexpensive and offer an extra layer of protection in keeping the cold out and the heat in your home.

Lock your windows they are supposed to be closed. Just that tiny little gap can provide enough energy loss to show considerably on your next heating bill.

The windows will provide you with beauty in your home if you can look out them knowing that you are not losing energy through them. Use the sunlight to heat a room on a winter day. Keep the drapes closed to keep air out. Whatever you do, invest in high quality windows and insure that they are well taken care of. This will allow you to gain the best possible results in energy conservation within your home.

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