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Energy Conservation: Conserve By Using Your Thermostat

If you plan to save some money this winter on your energy bills, consider the thermostat. This little functioning tool in your home actually plays a large role in keeping your home running smoothly. Rather, it keeps your home actually the right temperature for your day to day life. If you do not think much of it, you are probably not getting all that you can for it. If yours is old, it is time to look for an updated one that will offer many benefits to you.

What’s The Thermostat’s Benefit?

A thermostat controls the furnace as well as the air conditioning units within your home. You tell it what level you would like the home to be at and it will insure that it remains as close to that number as possible. The problem is that it is easy to set it and forget it. If you do not have a programmable thermostat now is the time to invest in one. They are only slightly more than a standard version and will do much more for you including saving you a considerable amount of energy.

First, consider what you have it set at. If you would like to start saving energy, experts recommend setting the thermostat at 72 F degrees during the summer months and at 68 F degrees in the winter. For every two degrees that you can comfortably lower this, you will save a good deal of money on your energy bills. Another tidbit of help; if you feel comfortable in shorts in the winter and are craving pants in the summer, your settings are off. Raising them just slightly and throwing a blanket on your bed will help you to save money.

Next, consider programming benefits that are offered with it. For example, if you work all day, why should your thermostat be keeping the house nice and toasty? You can program them to turn the furnace back up to your preferred level just an hour or so before you come home. This does not effect the way that you live your day, but it will effect that energy bill.

By doing all of these things it will help to benefit you in the long run. To keep your energy bills manageable, invest some time in programming your thermostat and using it regularly. You will find this to be one of the best tools that you have for improving your energy usage.

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