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Energy Conservation in Decorating Your Home

Did you know that you can save energy by decorating and designing your landscaping correctly? Most of us do not think about how easy it can be for us to use less energy. Although it may not be something that is on our minds, it really should be. If you plan to invest in decorating aspects of your home, consider how you can do it better to allow for more energy benefits.

What Should You Do?

Not sure where decorating comes into play with energy conservation? To help you to full understand, get started with these tips.

1. Determine how to improve your windows. If you use heavy draping during the winter months, you are adding an extra layer of protection to keep the heat in and the cold out. Even if you do not want to put on several layers of drapes, just keeping the blinds closed on the windows will provide a great bit of help. You can feel this energy conservation.

2. During the summer months, consider those drapes again. Let the light stream in and pull drapes to the side to allow for cool breezes to come in. Going without the air conditioning will conserve energy greatly, but to make that happen, you still need to allow air flow through the home. Doing this allows you to turn off more of the lights in your home too.

3. Plant a few trees. If you have three trees strategically placed around your home, you can lower your energy costs by some 20%. All that it takes is just the shade protection. During the summer, this shade can lower the temperature of the area by 1 to 5 degrees. In the winter, the trees act as a wind breaker keeping the blistering cold air from hitting the home. They also allow for sunlight to come through during the winter months as well.

Decorating your home in the right away can offer you many beneficial savings in energy. Just the way that your home faces can provide more or less sunlight for your needs. Think about how you can improve the energy efficiency through decorating in the right way. You may be surprised at just how beneficial some of these things can be to your home just about instantly.

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