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Energy Conservation Tips

Energy conservation is something we all need to do to protect the earth and to protect our pocket books. If you have not considered the benefits of taking advantage of a few extra dollars, then you should start here. Remember that the small things add up but there are also some important things that you should remember as well tha can help you to stop using as much energy within your home. In most cases, you will never even notice the difference in them either. That is until you get the much lower bill for them.

Tips To Get You Started

Here are a few tips to take into consideration for energy conservation. Do these things today. Incorporate your family in the process and you will save even more.

Your shower. Take a shower over a bath. You will use less water in a shower then you will by taking a bath. That means less hot water usage and in turn less energy to heat the water. Bath tubs take a huge amount of water to fill up, leaving you with much more energy needs. That is unless you happen to take very long showers and in that case, try to cut down on the length of your shower for sheer improvement in your energy bills quickly.
Laundry. When washing clothing, consider washing in the coldest setting allowable for the fabric. Do not over dry clothing. Set your timer to alert you as soon as the laundry is dry rather than when the timer ticks on. IN addition, only wash clothing in full loads. Smaller loads just waste water and money in energy. You may also want to consider new detergents that claim to be able to wash your laundry with just as much benefit in cold water.
Your cooking habits. The way that you cook also makes a difference. In the summer, use the grill which will keep the heat from the oven out of the home. In the winter, back breads and make dinner around the middle to late afternoon when it is the coldest. This will help to keep up your home. Your cook top should also be used more often then your oven as it uses less energy to work.

You can easily add these into your every day usage and see benefits right away from doing so. Energy conservation does not have to be hard or challenging, but should be smart.

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