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Biofeedback Therapy and Head Trauma

Minor head injuries can lead to a number of ailments and treatment methods, all of which can disrupt a normal, natural lifestyle. In fact, some head trauma can even cause changes in personality that lead to the necessity for the family and friends to enter therapy to cope with the change in their loved one. However, through the innovation of biofeedback therapy since the early 1980’s, there have been significant advancements in the treatment of head trauma that have alleviated the need for many of these other treatment necessities.

Previous therapies for head injuries have included pain management, education, family therapy, sessions on coping skills, psychotherapy, and vocational training. However, with biofeedback therapy, individuals who have suffered head trauma are given the ability to retrain their minds to function similarly to their normal capacity prior to the injury. In other words, they can reprogram themselves with the assistance of a therapist.

Biofeedback therapy is a process in which you are connected to sensors and monitors that interpret the tensing of the muscles, the temperature of the body, the brain wave patterns, and other important autonomic functions of the body for the purpose of learning to what our natural trends and reactions are. With EEG biofeedback, we are able to analyze brain waves and take note of abnormalities in the functions of the brain and then make an effort to change them.

With the help of a therapist, a patient suffering head trauma will utilize the input from the monitors to teach him- or herself to regulate and modulate the activity shown on the screen or heard through the audio output so that, in the future, it becomes an automatic response to maintain that control. Therefore, biofeedback can identify a problem, whether for a patient experiencing head trauma or some other ailment, and then provide a regimen of specific exercises that provides treatment and reconditioning of certain areas of the brain that will remedy these ailments.

Though biofeedback therapy is an excellent, noninvasive procedure to remedy the pain and suffering caused by head trauma, it is also a worthwhile source that is frequently utilized in the treatment of stress-related illnesses, as well as several other chronic disorders and diseases, including incontinence, high blood pressure, and several others problems. The advent of biofeedback therapy is an especially great advancement in the world of health science, and it can only grow to be a resource to treat even more ailments in the future.

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