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What Does A Keyer Do In Data Entry?

Have you heard of a data entry keyer? Do you know what the actual job of a data entry keyer is and how it is performed? If you are a data entry worker or you want to hire a data entry worker, you need to know what a keyer does. Data entry keyers normally key in data in lists of items, numbers or other data into the PC or sometimes in other forms. For example, there may be pre-made forms found on the monitor that they can just fill out.

There are different jobs that might be required of a data keyer. For example, you may need to manipulate current data that already exists instead of just inputting new data. Or you might need to proofread data that currently exists or organize it in some way. You might need to check the data for accuracy or help the company sort through their data. A keyer may be hired to help input old forms of data storage into a new data storage system.

The information that keyers obtain or input is typically used only by the company that is requesting it. This information is kept internally expect for rare cases where it may need to be sent somewhere else. It will usually need to be reformatted before it is sent to any other departments or for customers to use it.

The keyer may use different types of equipment to get their job done. Typically this equipment and any necessary tools will be provided by the company that you are working for. You may need computers, word processors, tapes, disks, paper, keyboards and other devices to get your job done if you are a keyer. If you work as a telecommuter, the company you are working for might provide these tools for you. If you are working as a freelancer, you will be responsible for having these things yourself.

Your job as a keyer is literally that – to key in information and data of some sort or another. This usually involves typing via a keyboard to enter the data, hence where the name “keyer” comes from. Excellent typing skills are very important for those jobs. The better and faster you can type without error, the easier it will be for you to perform your tasks as a keyer.

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