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Data Entry Keyers

What are data entry keyers and what do they do? Data entry keyers are people that usually input lists, numbers and other data into computers or into complete forms that will appear on the computer screen for a specific company or business. There are other functions that the data entry keyer may hold such as manipulating the current data into a new system, editing data or current information, proofreading the entries, etc.

What type of data are we talking about here? Some of the information that a data entry keyer might use to input would be customer’s personal information, records, membership lists, and other vital information for the company. The company might keep other information such as receipts, order forms, inventory and more. Every company that has employees will have a need for data entry for the scheduling and payrolls if nothing else.

There are many different types of equipment that can be used to enter data. Many data entry keyers use a machine that convert the information for them over magnetic impulses on tapes or disks to be entered into a computer system. Others manually input the data with a keyboard. Some people will prepare the materials for printing or publication by using “data entry composing” machines. It all depends on who you are working for and what exactly they need.

Most data entry keyers work with a keyed entry, keyboard data input but there are some that also use the non-keyboard method. Even those that are input by machines will need actual people to watch them, proofread them and make sure the machines are operating properly. There is also some forms of data that are not recognized by machines. In these cases, a real person will have to enter it.

In some offices, the data entry keyers will perform other office tasks such as working on office equipment, etc. They may operate printers, tape readers, copiers and other office equipment. Depending on who you work for and the level at which you are operating; data entry keyers can get paid a lot of money. It is a nice profession that will likely always be needed as no matter how much technology advances, there will always be a need for a live person to recheck the machines as well.

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