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Symptoms of A Body Detox

Are you planning to detox your body and begin new with a diet and lifestyle change that will make you healthier and improve your quality of living? If you want to change your body for the better, body detox is the way to go. However, there is a common misconception about what will happen immediately after you detox.

Many people do not understand the symptoms that will result from a body detox. They start feeling bad and they want to go back to their old ways claiming “I felt better before.” They may feel poorly and low on energy during the detox process which causes them to go back to the thing they were trying to detox which reverses the process.

You may decide to detox as an effort to make yourself healthier and so that you feel better and have a better lifestyle. The problem for many people is that they do not realize that there will be symptoms involved in this process and when they start to feel bad, they think it isn’t working. Or they do not want to tolerate the bad feeling until it has had time to pass and they give up on the program.

Some of the symptoms of a body detox may include:

o Tiredness and sluggishness
o Irritability
o Trouble sleeping or sleeping too much
o Muscle weakness and fatigue
o Lack of energy and motivation

If you want to succeed with your intentions with your body detox then it is important that you wait it out even if you don’t always feel better right at first. Remember that your body reserves its energy for the important internal functions of the body so you might be low on energy during this process. You should try to take it easy physically and limit your social activities until your detox is complete and your body has time to begin to regenerate.

What you may mistake for your body getting sick or feeling bad is actually it trying to recover, remove the toxins and replenish itself. When you have patience and wait it out and when you understand up front that these symptoms may occur, it will make it all easier for you. When it is all over, you will feel all the improvements from your detox and you will feel much better than you did before.

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