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What Can A Low Calorie Diet Do For You?

A low calorie diet is one of the fundamental types of dieting. While there are countless diets available today, it is unlikely that removing an entire food group from your daily intake will actually improve your long term health benefits. Instead, consider several things. Your body consumes food to burn as energy. When you consume too much food for your needs, the body stores that food to be used at a later time. Unfortunately, this bulks you up. In order to reduce your body weight, you need to do one of two things or both. You need to burn more energy to use the stored reserves or you need to consume less so that you body must go to those reserves for energy.

With a low calorie diet, you are doing just that. You are telling your body that it needs to go to the stored reserves of energy for its functions. If you couple this with exercise or physical activity, you will even increase the burning power of your body. A low calorie diet simply limits the amount of food that your body takes in so that it can then work its way to burning fat.

With a low calorie diet, though, you must pay close attention to what you are eating. For example, if you are only consuming 1500 calories per day, each of those calories should be spent on foods that are capable of giving your body what it needs to function and maintain health. You don’t want to give up your precious calories to foods that offer nothing more than five seconds worth of good taste. It just doesn’t help you any.

For example, water has no calories. A great way to cut out 50 to 150 calories per drink is to drink water instead of drinking other beverages for your needs. Of course, water is also important to your overall health, too.

Another important consideration is what the calories you are eating will be providing. If they are providing lean proteins, whole grains, antioxidants and the vitamins and minerals that your body needs, then that’s ideal. If they are full of saturated fats, you’ll find them to really be a waste to eat at all.

When considering low calorie diets, monitor what you are eating as well as watching the calorie count on those foods.

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