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Entry Level Nursing Jobs

If you are a considering a degree in nursing, there are several different types of degrees that you can pursue and obtain. Some of them are more complex while others are simplified. What you should do is take some time to fully understand what each degree offers you so that you can select the best nursing job for your skills and talents as well as your likes and dislikes.

One of the main types of degree programs that is pursued is that of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. This is a program that will last you about four years. Most colleges and universities will provide this service, some of which offer these courses right online. When you obtain this degree, you are already set to move into higher levels of education if that is what you are looking forward to. For example, you’ll need the Bachelor of Science in Nursing to move into a Master’s program.

If you go that route, you will be qualified for many nursing jobs including jobs such as those in management. Or, you can specialize your degree while earning it and be able to enter such entry level jobs as a clinical nurse specialist, or a nurse educator, or a nurse researcher. In most cases, more advanced degree programs will require you to complete the Bachelor of Science in Nursing to move into fields such as public health, case management, forensic nursing, school nursing or case management.

If you aren’t looking for nearly that much training and would like to be able to enter school and then enter the workforce, consider getting your Associate’s Degree in Nursing. This degree program only requires about two years of study that is offered at most community colleges and some online campuses. When you enroll and complete this degree program, you’ll be able to enter a number of different jobs including working in hospitals, doctor’s offices and much more. You also are prepared to move on to your next degree if you would like to.

Finding the right nursing job for you can be somewhat of a challenge. You will find, though, that nursing jobs are very open. If you want to earn a specialized degree, there are hundreds of fields that you can do that in. If you want a general degree, that too can open doors for you.

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