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Nursing Jobs: What Do Nurses Do?

Understanding what nursing jobs required of nurses is something that should be considered before you actually sign up to do one of these jobs. What you don’t realize from just looking at the profession is ll that is required of a nurse on a day to day basis. They will provide services that are science related as well as those that are using the highest levels of technology. You may find that they have to do all that they have to do and skill be caring and compassionate at the same time. That’s not an easy job at all.

Here are some of the day to day jobs that a nursing job may require you to perform.

Diagnose. Nurses often have to determine what the patient needs. This may be physical as well as emotional and their spiritual needs.
Assess. A nurse will need to do more than just hand the chart to a doctor. They are the ones that will gather all of the required information about the patient’s physical condition, too. They will also relate to the doctor things about the emotions of the person, the lifestyle that they may be living, who their family is and what their fears are. They have to assess all of the needs of the patient.
Planning. A nurse also has a lot to plan. He or she must plan on how to meet the needs of the patients under their watch. In addition, they have to plan out what is going to happen to the patient and what the appropriate care will be for them. In most cases, nurses work with patients to establish what their care needs are.
Implement. In addition to planning the care of the patient, the nurse also has to make that plan happen. That means that they will need to provide the necessary treatment of the patient which may include medications, screenings and tests, as well as administer education to the patient about their condition. They have to inform the patient how to care for themselves as well as insure that the patient has what he needs to make this happen.
Evaluate. In addition to all of these things, the nurse has to then follow up on the plan that they have implemented. This will include a number of different things including making adjustments as they are necessary.

Nursing jobs are by no means simplistic.

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