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Finding Clients For A Medical Billing Service

The most obvious places are medical facilities, but don’t limit yourself to just doctors, clinics, and laboratories. Sometimes the least obvious is private duty health professionals such as nurses, physical therapists, respiratory therapists, and others who do not work for a facility or an agency. Since it is probably difficult for the individuals to be in contact with insurance companies and patients while working, this is a wonderful opportunity for a medical billing specialist to offer their services. Since they are a single entity, they may not be able to afford the same fees as a medical facility, and since you are working at home with little overhead, you are in a position to accommodate their needs easier than a large agency is.

Another source of clients that you may not think about is places that rent medical equipment. If it’s a small company, they may not have an in-house billing department and may already contract the services of a billing company. What you want to do here is to find out what they are currently paying and make a lower offer. You don’t want to be obvious with it, though. The best way to handle something like this is to provide a research survey asking some questions about their current billing provider, not even asking for the name. Some off the questions you might ask include whether they are happy with the service, how long have they used the service they are currently using, the price structure, and if they feel they are getting quality service for the money they are paying. This way you are not opening yourself to finding out whom they use and what rates they charge, but you accomplish your purpose.

Of course, the obvious is always a first choice: medical facilities, doctors’ offices, dentists, clinics, hospitals, laboratories, and medical equipment retailers. With the economy being what it is today, even nurse practitioners are opening offices, and that may be another source for your business. Don’t be a demanding salesperson, but simply let them know that you are an independent medical biller and you would like to interest them in trying your services. You may even offer them a reduced price for the first month to let them try your services before deciding if they want to contract with you. That way you’re giving him or her an option to leave if they are not happy, and you can move forward to another client.

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