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The Long Term Medical Billing Service Client

The goal in retention of clients is to build a relationship so that you have long-term clients instead of those that you just have for a little while. Of course, there will always be those who are looking to try out several different medical billing services and will never be happy no matter what you do for them, but these are not your typical clients. Yes, you are always going to have those who are obnoxious and intent on making your life miserable whenever possible, but the good thing is that those are the exception and not the rule. As an employee, you had no control over those kinds, and you had to simply bite your tongue, listen to their rants, agree with them aloud, but silently be thinking other thoughts. As a business owner and freelance medical biller, it is your option whether to retain clients who consistently complain about unimportant things. You are in charge of your business, and you are in control of your clients.

Do keep in mind that it not customarily your hard-to-please clients who will be your long term clients, but those who try not to take advantage of you and understand that your business is not your entire life, that you have obligations outside of that. These clients are the ones you want to try very hard to retain because they will make your life easier no matter how long you are in business. Make it a goal to have at least 75% of your client base as long term clients, and though this may not always be possible, it’s an attainable goal. The long-term clients are the ones who know how you run the business, and thus make sure to have all the paperwork in on time, pay their bills on time, and try not to present you with crunch deadlines that deviate from their normal procedures.

The long-term clients are the crème of the crop, and they are the ones who will call to apologize because their system went down, and they will be late getting the work to you, but could you please process it as soon as you get it? You don’t mind doing for them because they don’t take advantage, and they are rarely late with their work.

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