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Understanding What Stretching Is

Stretching is often a necessary exercise to perform and is especially important when it comes to physical fitness. Those that do not get in enough stretching are likely to find themselves facing the risk of injury as well as the loss of range of motion. The goal of stretching is quite simple. By providing a stretch to the muscle, the range of motion of the joint will be increased to some degree. To do this, individuals will apply tension and force to the muscle area in order to lengthen the muscle. The muscle is also strengthened during this time. The muscles are more capable of providing for the activity that is required.

When It’s Necessary

It is not always necessary to stretch. In fact, many individuals will tell you that they simple don’t do it and they don’t find themselves injured. But, most athletes and doctors will recommend some type of stretching any time that you will be doing physically demanding exercises. For instance, those conditions in which your body needs to be extended and flexible may be the ideal times when you will apply stretching techniques to them. For example, during long running, acrobatics, martial arts and even for ballet, the body needs to be able to increase its range of motion to do more than what is normally does. Without this stretching the body is quite limited to what is can accomplish.

To Keep From Getting Hurt

Another reason that stretching is used is to increase the body’s ability to keep from becoming injured. Stretching can prevent injury to various aspects of your body including ligaments, tendons and muscles fibers. This is the case because stretching helps to make the muscles more elastic. As it becomes more elastic, it reduces the stretch reflex in the greater ranges of motion that you will use it that may otherwise cause an injury to happen to you.

Stretching is something that should be done because it can help you to perform to a fuller degree as well as to help you to prevent injury. If you don’t stretch enough, you may not be able to perform as well with the type of activities that you are looking for. Stretching in the right manner is almost a requirement for safety, too.

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