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Fibromyalgia Treatment: Short Term Solutions

If you suffer from fibromyalgia, you want relief now. You may have spent years being misdiagnosed or under-diagnosed and the physical and mental stress of this condition is a lot to bear. If you are like millions of people that have been suffering in silent pain, now is the time to get treatment.

If it’s fibromyalgia treatment you are looking for, you will be happy to know that there are several different options now available for you. Medical professionals are finally starting to recognize the condition and help does exist.

You will need to speak with a medical professional to get a diagnosis and a fibromyalgia treatment plan that works for you. The treatment process for fibromyalgia is a complex one but here are some short term solutions that may help you be more comfortable.

1. Apply moist heat to your aching muscles. A warm shower or warm, wet compress applied directly to the area of pain can help ease your discomfort and encourage your muscles to relax.
2. Use a massage tool on your trigger point areas. Many sufferers find trigger point therapy helpful. With this, you massage the trigger location of your pain which may not be the same location as the pain itself.
3. Apply counter-pressure to your trigger areas. Trigger points may be in your arm pits, thighs, etc.
4. Remember that what you do today you will feel tomorrow. Keep in mind that activities today can cause pains when you wake the next day and even last for some time.
5. Light exercise such as stretching and yoga can be helpful for your muscles. But remember, if it hurts – stop doing it.
6. Investigate longer term solutions and lifestyle changes that may help you with your fibromyalgia treatment.

Again, these are not long-term solutions to your problem with fibromyalgia but they can help temporarily ease discomfort caused by the condition. Physical therapy, change in lifestyle and diet as well as medications can also help you on a more long term basis.

You should talk with your doctor before taking on any new program or treatment option and always talk with your doctor if you are unsure about whether or not something is safe to do. When you take care of your body you will have fewer symptoms of your fibromyalgia.

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