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Fibromyalgia Treatment: Journaling

Did you know that keeping a journal can be a great way to help your fibromyalgia treatment plan? There are many different benefits to using journal therapy as part of your treatment. For one, you get the emotional benefit that comes from journaling. Fibromyalgia can be a very stressful condition and you may often feel like no one else understands your pain. Being able to write about this and express your emotions openly in a journal is a great way to release some of the stress.

Journaling will also benefit you because you are able to take notes to keep track of progress and changes in your condition. You will be able to remember to tell your doctor or therapist and regularly scheduled appointments and it also helps you keep track of what makes you better and what makes you worse.

Food And Activity Diary

One benefit of a fibromyalgia journal is to keep track of the foods you eat and when and how much you eat. Make notes of what you eat and if you feel better of worse afterwards. This will help you develop your treatment plan.

You can also keep notes of your activities and how they affect your condition and symptoms. You can list any travel and exercise but also just simple activities such as typing, reading a book, cooking dinner. Keep notes of what seems to cause you pain and where you feel your pain at. This will help your overall fibromyalgia treatment.

What If You Have Trouble Writing?

Do you have soreness that makes it hard to write? If so, then there are other options for you to consider. You might find it easier to type although many fibromyalgia sufferers complain from too much typing as well. Or you might try voice activation software to type for you. The only downside to this is that most programs that currently exist are buggy and it can take a while to get it to spell everything correctly.

Another option is to keep “voice journals”. You can purchase a small tape recorder for very little these days. The tapes to record on are also very inexpensive and there are also recorders that do everything digital and don’t use tapes. These are all great options to help you journal without making your symptoms worse.

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