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Fibromyalgia Treatment: Rehabilitation

Fibromyalgia is a condition that makes it difficult for a person to function properly and fibromyalgia treatment varies with each individual. On the outside a person with this condition looks healthy and normal, but in reality they may be suffering from a combination of pain, fatigue and emotional anguish. This condition can even affect a person’s mental abilities making it hard to concentrate and remember even simple things.

When rehabilitation is used as a fibromyalgia treatment it can help reduce the symptoms and help the person relax for a while. One of the best forms of rehabilitation found for this condition is called aquatic therapy. The warm water gives the body a sense of weightlessness and makes it easier to move around. It helps to soothe and comfort the body in a way that cannot be found with any other treatment. The water helps the body to relax easing stress and pain.

Using rehabilitation as a fibromyalgia treatment can also help a person with the emotional problems they encounter. Since a person suffering with this condition looks fine, other people may not believe they actually have to tolerate a lot of pain. This can be very discouraging and can lead to even more depression and anxiety. This is especially true when it is family members or close friends that doubt them. Participating in a rehabilitation treatment group will allow a person with this disease to be around others with the same condition. This can greatly improve their self-esteem and help with the depression symptoms.

Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercises can be too difficult for someone with fibromyalgia to perform because of all the pain involved. Many people find it to difficult to endure the pain and become less active. The less exercise they receive the harder it becomes to increase their activity as time goes on. Exercising in the water reduces the pain and can help break this cycle. The weightlessness of the water makes it easier to perform the exercises and a person can gradually regain both their strength and motivation.

This type of treatment would mean doing aerobic activity for approximately thirty minutes to a level that does increase the heart rate. There would also be a time set aside just for relaxing before and after the physical activity. Rehabilitation as a fibromyalgia treatment is a great idea and can help improve the overall condition of a person suffering from this disease.

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