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Background Checks And Confidential Information

Background checks provide employers with the necessary information they need to make decisions about hiring individuals. Some background checks provide details that are very detailed while others are not nearly as complete. You can’t know what’s on your background check unless you pull one on yourself. There is some information, though, that is actually legally inaccessible to the employer unless you tell them that they can access this information.

Some employers will ask questions on applications that allow you to sign off on these types of confidential information. By doing so, you are allowing them to get information that could be helpful in making the hiring decision. Here are a few of the types of information that must only be obtained after you agree to provide it.

Your education records. The types of information that provide for your education are not allowed to be reported unless you agree to it. This includes information on the financial status, the transcripts, your disciplinary records or recommendations that a school files. They should not provide this information. It can provide information that verifies that you attended the school, when you did so and what you earned there.
Military records. If you served in the military, then this type of information is also not authorized to be provided. This includes your service records, but only to a certain point. The military can provide information in regards to your rank, when you entered and left the army, where you were assigned, awards and your duty status. Other types of information will require you to sign off to it.
Medical records. You must authorize the employer to receive any information on your medical condition or medical records. Sometimes, when physical exams are necessary for admittance into a position, information may be shared, but only with the results of those tests. The employer can only ask questions that pertain to your ability to do the job, not any health condition that you have.

Background checks provide a wealth of information to an employer. Many times, employers will have you agree to the background checks in general. If you agree to do this, then you should realize what type of information they are seeking. With your approval, they may be able to seek additional information that could help to qualify you for a position with the company.

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