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The Nutritional Value of Low Glycemic Index Diet Foods

If you’re not accustomed to looking at the glycemic index of the carbohydrates you consume, you probably don’t understand the importance or have an idea of their nutritional value as it relates to other foods you consume. You don’t want to change your eating habits because someone told you that you should do that, but you want to conduct your own research and find out the reason that low glycemic index carbohydrates are better for you.

The most important aspect of the low glycemic index carbohydrates, other than the fact that they are the slow energy producing carbohydrates is that these are the products we often refer to as containing fiber, and as everyone knows, fiber is important for good bowel health. We find fiber in whole grain products, which are one of the major staples of a diet that is rich in low glycemic index carbohydrates. The fiber content in our diets promotes good colon function as well, both of which guarantees that our digestive system works at its best in providing our bodies with the nutrition that it needs.

In addition to the nutrients contained in the foods we consume, the carbohydrates that have a low glycemic index have less sugar, thus the reason they are the slow-energy producers instead of giving a quick pick me up as a candy bar does. The fact that these foods do not automatically convert into sugar also means that the energy will last longer and we will stay fuller for a longer time than with sugar-based products, thus we will need to eat less in order to feel satisfied. For those who have a weight problem or have in the past, that is a definite advantage to consuming these carbohydrates.

For some, the perfect solution may appear to be to give up carbohydrates totally, but that is not nutritionally sound. First, many foods you consume contain carbohydrates, even some things we drink, so you would need to become a label reader. On the other hand, a diet that does not contain carbohydrates is not a healthy one because these are the basis of the energy in your body. To eliminate carbohydrates means you limit the energy within your body, and soon you will be tired and run down and not understand why. Rather than attempting to eliminate all carbohydrates, switch to those with a low glycemic index that are actually good for you.

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