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The Varieties Of Herbal Tea

Herbal tea is offered to you in a number of different forms. You can purchase tea that is composed of various types of plants, flowers and herbs. This effects several things including the taste, texture and nutritional benefits that the tea provides. In addition to this, though, there is a large difference in teas as it has to do with the way that the tea is processed. There are three different classifications in which the process that the leaves of these plants have gone through determines where they are placed. You can select from teas that are oolong, black or green in their processing.

Black Tea

Probably the most common type of tea is that of black tea. This is fully processes, fully fermented tea. It goes through a process of withering, rolling, fermenting and then drying. This type of tea goes through an entire process that changes the chemical make up of the plant and makes it into a tea. This is the most popular type of tea that is usually on store shelves as the least expensive. When you think of the scent that tea has, you are thinking of the scent of black tea.

Green Tea

On the other end of the scope is green tea. This is one of the most commonly talked about herbal teas because of its many beneficial qualities. Unlike black tea, they do not go through a huge process of fermentation. The leaves are picked and dried and then they are heat treated to help stop any type of fermentation or oxidation that happens. In many areas of the world, especially in China, this is all done by hand. Green teas are often thought of as being “green” as opposed to being fully fermented.

Oolong Tea

In the middle of the road are oolong teas. This type of herbal tea is made mostly in China and Taiwan. During this process of fermentation, which is considered to be just a semi process, the tea leaves are dried in the sun and then placed in a bamboo basket. They are shaken which will cause the edges of the leaves to bruise just enough. From here, they are laid out flat so that they will dry. These leaves are not broken into pieces and they aren’t rolled in any way. They remain whole when you use them.

Each offers its own unique texture and favor. Try each type of herbal tea for an amazing experience in itself.

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