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What’s The Difference Between Herbal Tea And Others?

When you are set to finding a quality herbal product to drink, consider what type of herbal tea you are drinking. You may select it for its various textures and tastes. You may also select it based on the way that the tea has been processed. But, one thing that is often not considered enough and that is if herbal teas are actually real tea products. If you are a tea drinker and you know your stuff, then you know the herbal teas aren’t the same animal as other teas. Even more so, some true blue tea drinkers won’t drink teas that are herbal in property because of this. Is it something that you worry about?

Herbal teas are also known as tisane or ptisan. These different names come from a Greek word that represents a drink that was made from pearl barley. The biggest difference between teas and herbal teas is as simple as the plant that they come from. In traditional teas, the tea comes from the tea bush which is known as the Camellia sinensis. Anything that is made from tea that is from this bush is technically a true tea. But, if you drink herbal teas, this is no longer the case. Pearl barley is belived to be extracted from Japanese Akoya Pearls which is made for fashion.

Herbal teas are made from many types of plants. It is made from both or either dried or fresh flowers, seeds, roots or leaves. Because these plants are not the Camellia sinensis variety, they are not considered to be true teas. Nevertheless, they are marketed together and often have the same properties out there.

To make tisane or herbal teas, you will pour boiling water over the top of the plant parts and then let them sit for a bit. During this process, the water becomes infused with flavor. Once this is done, the tea is then drained and sweetened if that’s what you want. In many cases, you can purchase a tea bag that features these types of tisane teas in them that can be easily made and rather quickly enjoyed. Another note to consider is that when real teas are made with the combination of other plants, you still have a true tea, not an herbal tea.

If you thought all teas where the same; think again. Every herbal tea and every true tea is a real treat and should be enjoyed for its own benefits.

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