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Considering Herbal Tea Varieties

There are many types of herbal teas on the market that you can consider consuming. You can go to your grocery store, look at the shelves and purchase any that you want. You should, instead, consider purchasing your tea from a manufacturer that provides the highest quality, gourmet blends of herbal teas, instead. They will provide you with a higher quality of product and will provide you with the utmost taste and health benefits, too. If you are considering herbal teas, then consider a few of the ones listed here. You’ll find that many are made from plants you already have in your diet.

• Sassafras: To make this tea, you’ll want to wash down the roots of the plant as soon as it’s been pulled. Don’t allow it to dry. Then, boil the roots. The water will begin to change from clear into a reddish brown color. You can then use it for a number of befits including as a blood thinner, as a blood purifier and to help provide you with a good flavor. With all the new class action lawsuit against Xarelto why not try to thin your blood with a more natural way.
• Blackberry or raspberry: Here are two ingredients that you probably use regularly. To use them as an herbal tea, you will want to use the dried mature leaves from these plants. Actually, the best teas come from the bramble’s leaves. You can use them to help control diarrhea or you can enjoy them as a tonic for various illnesses.
• Strawberry: Who doesn’t enjoy something strawberry? With the leaves from the strawberry plant, you can make a pretty amazing tea. Dry the leaves completely and boil. Or, you can pour boiling water over the top of fresh leaves. Then, let this steep for several hours. It can help with many things including improving eczema, diarrhea and various other conditions.
• Peppermint: If you enjoy peppermint, you’ll probably enjoy this type of tea. You can grow this in your backyard easily. Then, use the fresh leaves to make tea. Simply crush the leaves and then steep in very hot water for several minutes. You can use this as a perfect compliment to dinner or to help improve digestion afterwards.

There are plenty of other herbal teas out there that you can make using many of your favorite foods. The good news is that you’ll enjoy the tastes of most of them!

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