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Getting Organized: Directions, Warranties, Receipts

How many times has something broken in your home? If your normal, likely loads. Many times items can be repaired but you have no idea where you left the assembly instructions. Without these, even with the replacement part, the item is now useless. This means it needs to be thrown out and replaced with something new. This wastes money and resources.

This happens also with items that cannot be repaired. How many times have you bought something and got it home to find it was broken. Either that or it breaks within its warranty period. The problem comes when you have no idea where the receipt or warranty evidence is. Again, this results in good money being wasted.

A good thing you may want to try is designating a drawer or cupboard to these types of items. Warranties and directions will fit nicely into kitchen drawers making them easy to locate. Receipts should be first placed in a large sized envelope and then placed in the drawer. Everything should be clearly labeled including the drawer itself. If at all possible. Do not put anything else in that drawer or things will start to get lost.

Having the ability to find these things quickly will save a lot of time and heartache. The kitchen makes the perfect place because it is one of the most frequently used rooms in the house. Nearly everyone in the family will go in there at one point of another during the day, and having that drawer clearly labeled will constantly remind family members where those documents, you never thought you would need are located.

Keeping documents safe and in a visible place is a great idea for keeping the home organized. Using a kitchen drawer will keep things out of the way but serve as a constant reminder where those needed documents are.

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