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Interviewing Tips: What To Expect From The Interview

Job interviews are about as much fun as a trip to the Dentist in Newington CT. There just about as painful but necessary if you want to reap the rewards. By preparing yourself ahead of time you can greatly increase your chances of the interview going well and getting the job offer. In this article we will attempt to demonstrate what employers look for. We will also offer advice on how to answer those questions for which there is no correct response.

Generally, an employer will start of the interview with introductions. They may then offer you the chance to speak about yourself. Try to keep this relevant to the position on offer. The employer wants to know why they should hire you they don’t need your life story. Mention any prior work history and how this will help you in this position.

The employer may ask you about the company and what you already know. Before the interview you should do some research and learn some basics about the company. This shows the employer that you are keen and have an interest in working their.

Nearly every interview contains that dreaded question, what are your weaknesses? The worst answer you can possibly give is that you have none. Everyone has weaknesses and the employer will know this. They are asking this question to test your honestly and see how you work through your weaknesses. For example, you could say, I create to do lists, to make sure I remember everything and stay organized. With any weakness make sure you have some method of dealing with it. This is the best way around this question everyone hates.

You will likely get the opportunity to speak about your strengths. Take full advantage of this opportunity but keep your strengths specific to those qualities that will make you a desirable employee. If you’re applying for an office or corporate type position, the fact that you are county darts champion likely isn’t relevant.

Job interviews are seldom fun. However, with some preparation and by knowing what to expect, they can be slightly less daunting. Having the ability to answer questions well and keeping the answers relevant to the position could tip the balance in your favor.

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