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Interviewing Tips: The Perfect Interview

Interviews can be both a blessing and a curse. While you’re excited about the prospect of a new career and position, getting through the actual interview can be nerve-racking. People fall into the trap of either over preparing and second-guessing themselves or under preparing and not putting their best foot forward. In this article we will attempt to give you some useful tips on how to have the perfect interview.

Something that employers like to see is an interest in their company. Before you have your interview, do some research on the company. Make a list of useful facts and familiarize yourself with it. It shows the employer that you have a genuine interest in the company because you have taken the time to look some information up.

Before your actual interview, a good tip is to practice. Ask a friend to work with you in a role play situation. Have them ask typical interview questions but also have them create some of their own questions that you’re not aware of. This will help you think on your feet and answer those out of left field type questions.

You should always go to an interview on your own. If you have children this is one time where a sitter is essential. Showing up with children gives the wrong impression. Even if your children behave beautifully it will leave the employer wondering if the children will present a problem in the future. Childcare issues account for a large portion of absenteeism in the work place and having your children there will help remind the employer of that. This could result in you loosing the job offer to someone without a family even though they may be less qualified.

Finally, greet the employer with a handshake. This is proper etiquette and shows good manners. It also sets a formal but friendly tone to the interview.

Interviewing can be tricky. Sometimes it is hard to tell how to act. If your over perform you may put off the employers and if you under perform you could look foolish. They end result however will be the same, you will loose out on the job offer. By practicing your interviewing techniques, doing some research and arranging childcare ahead of time, you can help put your best foot forward and nail that interview. A whole new career could be just around the corner.

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