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Interviewing Tips: Keeping The Past From Haunting You

Unless you are interviewing for your very first position, chances are you have worked in the past. Many of us have had a wide array of work experiences ranging from excellent to terrible. The trick is how to keep those terrible experiences from affecting your chances of getting the job offer. Some of us may have been unemployed for a period of time. There are several ways of turning this into something positive that employers will recognize. In this article we will look at how to keep past work experiences from inhibiting your chances of getting that job offer,

An employer will likely ask you to tell them about your last position. They may even ask why you left. It is vitally important when answering this question that you do not appear negative. Even if you were dismissed or had to endure very harsh working conditions, try to put a positive spin on it. Talk about how this experience made you grow and how much you learned. The ability to put a positive spin on things is a valuable asset that your employer will recognize. Explain that you are seeking a new position to learn and grow further and you feel this company could provide you with that opportunity.

Some of us may have periods of unemployment to account for. Employers will notice this so you need to have a good explanation ready. If you took time off of work to raise a family then this can work to your advantage. However, you need to make clear that your family is now capable of functioning while you are at work. Childcare issues account for a large percentage of work absenteeism so you need to drive home that this will not be a problem.

If your unemployment was due to other reasons then again, a positive spin is necessary. You could make a statement such as, “I’m looking for a company that I can settle into, permanently”. Employers want people that they can keep for a long time. Continually hiring and retraining new recruits takes time and money. Stress permanence and you’ll come out looking much better.

In an interview, you want to avoid negative points in your work history affecting your chances. You shouldn’t worry about them because everyone will have them to some degree. Stay positive and try to put a good spin on things. This will increase your chances of having a good interview and getting the job offer.

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