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Interviewing Tips: Why You Didn’t Get Hired

Many people annually go through job interviews with no success. The reasons are varied; sometimes the competition is really tough; perhaps they had already hired someone internally; or maybe you didn’t take enough time to prepare for the interview. Many people fail to realize how important a job interview is. Employers are twice as likely to offer the job to a person who interviews well then to someone with relevant skills and experience. Some get over confident, thinking their resume will speak for itself. Some are under confident and let it show during the interview. What ever cases, your chances of getting the job offer are greatly diminished if the interview goes wrong. In this article, we will look at things you should definitely avoid when going in for a job interview.

Something that puts prospective employers off is failing to make eye contact. When you fail to make eye contact you appear as if you have something to hide. Employers will pick up on this quickly and it will count against you. Speaking directly to the appropriate person and looking them in the eye makes you appear more confident and honest.

Those who show a lack of interest in the company are virtually guarenteing failure. Showing interest is something employers look for. Having some questions for the employer is a good way to show that you really want to work for this company.

The inability to express information clearly will always work against you. Employers will give some leeway because they will know that you are nervous, however you will not be able to rest on this for the whole interview. Take your time and think about your answers. Don’t be afraid to ask them to restate it if your unsure. The most important thing is to relax. Perhaps practice with a friend or family member. Anything that will help you get your point across in a clear way will help you make the right impression on the employer.

If you are changing companies, you may have to take a lesser position or smaller salary. The unwillingness to do this cuts many out of getting the job offer. Remember, you must look at the big picture when taking a new job. There may be other benefits to this position besides salary. Weigh this very carefully before saying no.

There are several reasons why people don’t make it from interview to getting hired. Some fail because they take the interview for granted. You must remember, an interview isn’t an invitation to work for the company. You must present yourself well to get to the next stage.

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