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Interviewing Tips: How To End The Interview

Many people do not realize this, but ending a job interview is nearly as important as starting one. You want to leave the interview room looking as clear and as confident as you possible can. You want the atmosphere to remain positive and to make a lasting impression. In this article we will look at ways to do just that. We will discuss way to close the interview and keep the odds in your favor for securing that job offer.

When you entered the interview room, you likely shook hands with the employer. It is a good rule to do this upon leaving. It is a sign of friendly respect and keeps things pleasant. You want the interviewers to remember you in a positive way and extending your hand is a very good way to do this.

Another good technique is to thank the interviewer or interview panel. By doing this you are showing your gratitude for being given this opportunity. Again, you’re leaving the interviewers with a positive impression of you.

You likely already have company contact details, but a good idea is to ask for a business card. This again shows interest and that you are keen. It also gives you useful contact information should you need to get in touch.

Finally, don’t be afraid to follow up with a thank you note or phone call. This is another opportunity to show your prospective employers special qualities about you. It also shows your seriousness and eagerness in working for their company.

Closing an interview on the right foot is nearly as important as the opening. It is a detail that several people overlook, much to their failure. By paying attention to this one last detail, you can help leave the employers with the right impression and help secure that job offer.

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