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Money Saving Tips: Shopping Trips

Today, we should all be making efforts to save more money. Having 2-3 months salary in the bank is always useful should your home need major repair or you suddenly become unemployed. Many people want to save money but have no idea how. In this article we will look at some tricks to help you save money while you’re out shopping.

When you head out shopping, the first rule of thumb is to leave the credit and debit cards at home. Debit cards are very convenient however; we have gotten so dependent on them that spending large amounts of money has become very easy. You need to take and only use cash. Spending actually money sends a completely different message to your brain. You actually conceptualize how much you are spending. With Credit and Debit cards, this message is completely lost. Whether you spend 10 or 1000 dollars, the effect will feel the same.

When you go shopping, especially in a supermarket, a good money saving tip is to be sure to compare prices. Many large supermarket chains sell their own brands of items. Try to buy these over the name brands. The quality is exactly the same and the savings can add up between 50-70 %. You should look high and low on the shelves for bargains. The supermarkets will put the most expensive items at eye level to entice you into selecting them.

Another money saving tip is to do some of your grocery shopping later in the evening. This is a great way to get reduced prices on perishable items. Stores will start to mark down their items that are set to expire that day. Again, this can add up to substantial savings. The quality of the food is usually fine. Just keep it refrigerated and make sure it gets used relatively fast.

Finally, when you go shopping at your supermarket, another simple money saving tip is to check for any in store offers. Many times they are located at the front of the store by the check out counters. Quite often you will find coupons and two for the price of one offers.

The amount of money that you save from a single trip to the supermarket may not seem like a substantial amount. However, if you manage to save 10 dollars on your average weekly shop, that amounts to 520 dollars over the course of the year. By using cash and comparing prices you will quickly see your grocery bills drop and more change in your pocket.

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  • Eddie

    Also, don’t go grocery shopping on an empty stomach!