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Small Business Loans: What About The Small Business Administration?

Have you considered looking for help in funding small business loans through the Small Business Administration? This is a government agency, funded through the Executive Branch of the Federal Government, meaning that it is a resource to you for all that you need in getting your business up and running. The SBA, as it is commonly called, is a guide to helping and funding new small businesses. The traps out there that promise to help you to get thousands of dollars for your business aren’t completely untrue. You can secure quite a bit of help through this agency but you don’t have to do so through any company.

What Do They Help With?

The Small Business Administration provides help for several areas. They offer help for those that need help in management of their business. They also provide for advocacy, procurement and financial assistance for the business owner. In financial help, the SBA provides several programs including investment programs, disaster loan programs, bonding for contractors and business loan programs. One of these is sure to fit your business’s needs.

The Business Loan Programs that are offered through the SBA are some of the best sources for funds. Make no mistake, the SBA doesn’t actually lend you the funds but they do establish guidelines to those lenders that will. This comes from a variety of sources including standard lenders, community development organizations as well as what are called micro-lending institutions. To provide you with help, they set guidelines for these organizations to follow but also provide some backing to you so that in case you don’t make payment on your loan, they will cover some of the loan for you, although legally you will still need to pay it back. This helps to reduce your risk level and therefore lower the cost of borrowing money.

Why should you consider getting help for your small business loan needs through the Small Business Administration? It’s simple. Because the SBA provides backing of your loan by the federal government, you have a lot more ability to obtain a loan through any of the lenders that work with them. In addition, that loan will be less costly to you in the long run. Because the loan has the “full faith and credit backing of the Federal Government” you are more secure to lend to. The same loan through another lender is likely to cost you a great deal more. Therefore, if you are considering a small business loan, make one stop at the Small Business Administration.

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