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The Importance of Good Bone Health

Bones are essential for health and wellness. They provide vital functions to sustain life and keep us active. Many of us unfortunately take our bones for granted which can cause problems later in life. In this article we will look at what our bones do for us and attempt to demonstrate the importance of good bone health.

When asked what bones do, one of the most obvious functions is the body structure. Our body is basically built around our skeletal frame. Without bones our body would have no structure and would have an extremely difficult time functioning. To maintain this healthy structure it is important to take care of your bones. Good bone health can prevent posture problems from developing in the future and reduce the risk of injury.

Another important function of bones is protecting many vital organs. The human heart is protected behind a series of bones and the lungs are protected by the rib cage. If these bones become weakened, vital organs could be at risk. The bones themselves could break or shatter causing injury to one of your essential organs. Good bone health will prevent this from happening and keep your life sustaining organs from danger.

A third important function for bones is an anchor for muscle tissue. Your muscles are attached to bones to keep them stationary so they can provide their functions. Weak bones can lead to muscle injury. Muscles can tear away from the bones causing unnecessary pain and loss of physical activity. Good bone health is important to prevent future muscle damage and injury.

Finally, Good bone health is essential for the prevention of Osteoporosis. Conditions such as this cause the bones to become very porous and weak. If the condition worsens, bones become extremely brittle and are much more prone to injury and breakage. This can cause person lots of pain and loss of quality of life. By practicing good bone health the risk of Osteoporosis and conditions similar can be reduced.

Good bone health is vitally important to maintain an active and pain free life. Bones provide the human body with structure and protection and must be cared for to perform their functions properly. Weak bones can lead to serious injury and even death. Neglecting your bones can bring about damaging conditions that put your body at risk for further injury and danger. Get into the habit of practicing good bone health as soon as possible. It will be well worth it in the future.

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