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Bone Health: Caring For Your Bones

Caring for our bones is essential to our long term health and wellness. Needless pain and suffering can be avoided if we get into the habit of caring for our bones early in life. Breaks and bruises can be avoided as well as more debilitating conditions such as osteoporosis. Good bone health should start young but it is never too late to start practicing good bone health habits. Your bones will still benefit which means better health and less injury for you.

Many say that the best defense is a good offense. This is also true for good bone health. Knowing ahead of time the current condition of your bones is often a great place to start. There are a few tests that you can take to help you determine the state your bones are currently in. One such test is the DEXA test. This is a special type of x-ray taken of your hip and lower spine area. If you take the DEXA test your will receive what is called a T-Score. This is your bone density compared with someone of optimal bone density. Once this information is known then you and your physician can best plan a program for good bone health.

Another great test is called the Pryilinks urine test. This measures the fragments of collagen that are present in Urine when the bone starts to break down. This test is very effective is assessing if you are suffering from bone loss and how serious your condition is. Again, once this information is known, you and your physician can start to implement an effective bone building program.

Good bone health is essential for an injury and pain free future. Many fear knowing the current state of their bones but knowledge is power. By knowing what condition your bones are currently in, the sooner you and your physician can begin a good bone building program. It is certainly true that for the best results, habits should be formed early in life. However, it is never too late to start implementing good bone building habits. Your bones will still improve and you will reap the benefits. Find out today what state of health your bones are in and get into a good bone health program. The results will surely pay off in the future.

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