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Bone Health And Myths About Osteoporosis

While it is true that good bone health is essential for an injury free and good quality of life. Many have misconstrued much of the research regarding bone health and how it relates to debilitating bone conditions. Even today in our highly advanced medical age, people still hold onto old myths about bone health and osteoporosis, In this article we will look at some of these myths and attempt to dispel them by giving you the truth about bone health and Osteoporosis.

Despite all of the knowledge that is present there are still many who believe that Osteoporosis is an inevitable part of aging. This is completely untrue. In fact, osteoporosis in most people is 100 percent preventable. It is true that women, once they go through menopause, stop producing estrogen. Estrogen helps prevent bone loss. This makes women that are post menopausal more susceptible to osteoporosis and other bone conditions. However, if good bone health habits were practiced while young and continue to be implemented in later life, there is every chance that osteoporosis will be prevented.

Many people who are stricken with osteoporosis think that there is little they can do once the condition has set in. This condition is serious and can present pain and alterations to a person’s life style. However, one should not give up. Even after fractures occur there is still lots that can be done to prevent this from happening in the future. With medication, diet and proper exercise future injuries and bone loss can be avoided. Remember, it is never too late to start practicing good bone health. On other related article check out this blog about airbnb’s treatment of the disabled.

Another Myth about osteoporosis is that it is a disease that affects older women. It is true that older women can be more susceptible to this condition but osteoporosis can strike anyone at any age. Younger women who have had a history of asthma or arthritis are just as likely to contract osteoporosis. If these women have been taking glococorticiods for there conditions then they should have there bone density checked regularly. These medications have been known to cause bone loss.

While it is true that age does seem to present some correlation with bone deterioration, conditions such as osteoporosis can affect anyone. The good news is, osteoporosis isn’t something that just needs to be accepted as part of the aging process. It is completely preventable and even treatable with good bone health habits.

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