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Bone Health: Osteoporosis And Its True Costs

When good bone health habits are not developed during youth, the body becomes at risk for bone loss and even osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is viewed as a rather benign disease. No one thinks that it is harmless but people do not fear its effects as much as cancer or aids. The truth is Osteoporosis is very serious and its costs are high. It puts people’s health and quality of life at risk and can even be fatal. It also costs our health care industry greatly in doctor’s time and monetary value. In this article we will look at the true costs of this condition and hopefully consider the importance of good bone health.

One of the reasons that osteoporosis is viewed as a fairly benign condition is that the public are under the false impression that the disease isn’t very common. The truth is that in the United States, if you combine the numbers of men and women over aged 50 suffering from either low bone density or osteoporosis, the number would represent 55 percent of that age group. This makes it one of the most prevalent diseases of this day and age. This number does not take into account the numbers of younger victims with either of these conditions. Osteoporosis affects an extremely large number of people and the number is expected to grow.

Injuries caused by osteoporosis are also quite staggering. It is estimated that 1.5 million fractures in the United States are caused or related to osteoporosis. Many of these fractures are to the hip and spinal areas which can cause further health problems. Many times hospital stays and surgeries are required to correct the damage caused by these fractures.

Finally, osteoporosis costs our health care system in terms of money each year. It is estimated that nearly 40 billion dollars is spent every year in just treating the fractures caused by osteoporosis. Each hip fracture presents an addition 40,000 dollars in costs to the health care system. This condition is extremely costly in terms of health and money.

Much of this can be avoided. By practicing good bone health habits throughout one’s life, much of these health problems and cists can be avoided. Osteoporosis is something that is preventable and the sooner you start the better for everyone.

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