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Mortgage Brokering: Should You Partner With A Pro?

Typically there are a couple of questions home-owners, buyers, sellers and investors will have pertaining the role, risk/reward, valued contributions, ROI/ROR (return on investment, rate of return), they will get for dealing and transacting realty, with and through mortgage brokering.

What is the purpose of a mortgage broker? Why use one at all? What are the benefits for consumers/brokers? Or How can a mortgage broker get a better rate than  their own bank or financing/lending institution?

Finding customers and realty buyers the best possible mortgage solution, package, product, rate, that will fit their special, specific circumstance, means, budget, needs motivates and facilitates mortgage brokers to work on their clients, behalf with all that the market has to offer, including capitalizing in rates, investors and alternatives that might otherwise not be possible. Terms and agreements can be negotiated, transacted and executed in a timely fashion, to ensure that no chance goes by unnoticed.

The whole purpose of this type of ‘brokering’ or mediating a deal, is to find the most optimal mortgage product, suitable, affordable and best-fit to address needs and requirements. Specialized, difficult and all types of mortgage lending, competing against the best that the local branches has to offer, for better rates, terms and service, representing and fighting, researching, finding and making contact between parties, to get the best deal possible on the table and the money in place to make it happen. Most of these institutions, or represented parties are in the business of lending money for mortgages only, solely and purposefully. What makes the pricing and rates so low, is that they have no additional overhead costs, only deal in large volumes, leading to discounted rates and better deals all-round, that not even the banks will or can be able to provide directly or otherwise.

Free, impartial, for fee types services are available. The nature and scope of the services of mortgage brokering has also changed in recent days as markets fluctuate, turn (for better or worse) and first home buyers or experienced property investors, can turn to a variety of mortgage process professionals, that can make the whole transaction and challenge seem hassle-free, simple and easy as 1-2-3. Home loans navigation and negotiation is hard to do on your own if you are unfamiliar with documentation, contacts, processes, rates, complexities, clauses, fine print, penalties etc. This affords consumers the option of access to on-demand, real-time expertise, the luxury and necessity these days to have access to a larger or the largest range of home loan products available, to get the best deal done, especially in a highly competitive market or bidding war situation. Ensuring that the mortgage you get will serve your interests best is the task of the mortgage broker.

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  • davilbrain

    Hi, John. I should have came across this post earlier!

    I'm currently living up here in Canada and we're about to look for a good Alberta mortgage broker. We're looking forward to discuss our situation with him regarding our mortgage plans. And so right now I'm doing my homework since I'm new in the market.

    Maybe after getting an efficient mortgage broker in Alberta, we can set more goals.